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I almost hate to say this but I think this is a decent idea. The reason I hate to think this is a good idea is because it has come to this. I have never really lived where gangs are a problem but I have large amounts of time to watch Gangland on TV. My main fear is that the National Guard won't be allowed to use any force to stop the B.S. these folks are pulling off. The bad here is the idea we are turning our military loose on American citizens and is it going to stop with gangs? I also wonder whose fault it is that it has been allowed to get this bad. Maybe the problem should have been addressed at the Mayoral level long ago.


My main concern is that we are using soldiers who have been trained to think enemy or enemy combatant vs. friendlies. There is very little grey area in Army training (as we both know having been in the Army). The fact that you have 18 year old soldiers patrolling the streets of a major US city is a psychological impact on both the Joes and the John Q. Citizen. We are not protecting our borders here, we are trying to protect ourselves from ourselves.
This shows a lack of control by our elected officials and it shows a lack of understanding on the citizens. There are roughly 9 districts where these NG soldiers would mainly patrol. These areas have long standing anti-police attitudes (much deserved in some cases), but also pride themselves on not being 'snitches'. You can't have it both ways. If you want police protection you have to be willing to work with them. And, if the police want cooperation from these citizens, they damn well need to create a much needed PR program. The black community has for years been taught to fear the Police and avoid interaction with them. I don't have a good answer for how this situation could be rectified, but bringing in armed NG soldiers (who I'm willing to bet would be predominantly white) into these areas would NOT be the answer.
I almost see this as a political ploy by a few elected officials to try and drum up extra money for their gerrymandered areas or to try and garner more support from constituents and draw away from the fact that they have failed as leaders.

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